Quality (148) National commitment (18)

22 July, 2021

Dear HIFA members,

It is encouraging to read messages from a diverse population on the quality of care in the health sector. Quality of care is a quintessential step towards Universal Health Coverage.

The challenges at the national level for commitment to quality of care are manifold. It includes Finances availability with the stakeholders. No Fund, No Work. Funding from the indigenous sources or local governance are usually sustainable in nature. But, generating a new funding source within local governance is highly dependent on the economy of the geography. Eg. Family Planning is very important for women's health. But, it is observed that there is no funding available as the budget line item in the annual budget cycle. Resultant no service provision for Family Planning.

The second challenge towards commitment is 'INFLUENCERS'. They may belong to a variety of groups and have their own vested interest. They usually sit in the driving seat during the policy making decision process. For eg. Junk food/ trans fat food items are like poison for your health. Look at the number of countries who have actually taken some concrete action against the junk food industry.

Best regards


HIFA profile: Dr. Sanchika Gupta is an Indian healthcare specialist with eight years of experience as both clinician and public health programmer. She explored wide breadth of public health realm viz. family planning/reproductive health, maternal, adolescent and child health during her association with national and international non-government organizations. In 2021, HIFA nominated her as Global Country Representative Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator. She is also a member of the WHO-HIFA working group on Learning for quality health services. She is based in New Delhi, India and can be reached on sanchika12 AT gmail.com https://www.hifa.org/support/members/sanchika