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22 July, 2021

*Reply to Richard Fitton (July 16) on Patient Experience and Health Outcomes* [ https://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/quality-144-patient-experience-and-heal... ]

Within the Patient lens, Fitton makes an excellent point about the three "A' s where the ongoing relevance of the adage could be highlighted by its focus on "affability" as a strategic metric of Quality Care even at the National level and beyond the boundary of *private practice* of medicine.

Yet in 2021, both the conceptualization of "affability" - largely as an individual trait of health care professionals/providers - and most significantly the ranking "order" of the three "A" s which puts "Ability" last on the scale, *need a transformative edit.*

I believe the eight interdependent elements of the national quality and policy strategy approach - as identified in the WHO Guide - present the first set of criteria for this transformation while the overall context for all Key Activities at the national level, namely, the promotion of "*system-wide action on quality"*. in the explanation of Fig.3 (p.12 of the Guide) [*see note below] could be the context of the edit.

Esha Ray Chaudhuri


HIFA profile: Esha Ray Chaudhuri is an Equity Analyst, in Canada. Professional interests: Equity Issues in Health and Health Care with particular focus on interface of Local and Global contexts. She is a member of the WHO-HIFA Catalyst Group on Learning for quality health services.


Email address: ed.consult3 AT gmail.com

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Thank you Esha. We encourage all HIFA members to review and comment on 'WHO's Quality health services - a planning guide'. This guide serves as a basis for our current discussion. Download here: https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/9789240011632 ]