Quality (179) District-level activities for improving quality health services (8)

31 July, 2021

"From your experience, what are the biggest challenges for district health managers in tackling quality of care issues? Have you seen any practical solutions that should be shared wider?"

Challenges are many:

Regional managers suffer from underfunding and lower resources than the central level. As a results, must needed investments are insufficient. With the risk of having to close perhaps the only hospital available for the regions, it becomes a daunting task to stimulate quality of care and keep standards compliance.

A devolved health system, can help address this. Regional budgets and local decision making can help empower and invest in what is really needed, and reduce waste. Also, digital innovations are here to stay, and telemedicine and other solutions can help bring additional capacity and quality to leverage the healthcare operational capacity in the region.

Nicole Spieker

HIFA profile: Nicole Spieker is East Africa Director for PharmAccess, Kenya. Professional interests: Quality of care; Health systems change; Digital transformation. She is a member of the HIFA catalyst group on Learning for quality health services. n.spieker AT pharmaccess.org