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22 August, 2021

Neil thank you for sharing Goran's post. And you asked, 'What is the role of quality improvement approaches in situations where basis needs cannot be met? Can they be tackled together?' .

Well Goran is right absenteeism (and if I may add, bad attitude and behaviour, truancy, work-to-rule, full strike, etc often are consequences of poor governance and lack of staff motivation and incentives often so common in LMICs, unfortunately.)

But to your question, that is why we introduced the 12-Pillar Clinical Governance programme and defined it as, 'Protecting patients, supporting practitioners in tandem'.

Extensive advocacy, education on a continuous and systematic manner 'converts' the politicians, policy makers and all stakeholders who control the resources that make implementation possible.

Satisfied and motivated workers do not play absenteeism and truancy. If they do the management have the sanctions anyway.

Joseph Ana.


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