Quality (292) Improving quality of care at the facility level (37)

7 September, 2021

Dear Neil,

We worked on quality improvement at the local level in two states in India and found that involving the members of the Patient Welfare Committees (Rogi Kalyan Samiti) especially the local elected representatives and the facility's head (Medical Officer) worked well when they had a list of what quality measures need to be checked, and also when patients were able to give anonymous feedback (through an IVRS). This was for Famiy Planning Services. For more information the group might want to look at the final presentation we made. [*see note below]

*Leila C Varkey Sc.D. *

Senior Advisor RMNCH /Lead RHR

Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3)

C-27 Qutabl Institutional Area

New Delhi 110016

Phone: +91-474-88888

Email: lvarkey@c3india.org


HIFA profile: Leila Varkey is a Senior Adviser in Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH) at the Centre for Catalyzing Change in India. Professional interests: Midwifery, Health Systems especially HRH, Quality of Care (QI and QA), India, and Scale up. lvarkey AT c3india.org

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Thank you Leila. HIFA does not carry attachments. Please contact Leila direct for a copy of the presentation.]