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7 September, 2021

Dear Neil,

Thank you again for your mail.

Our rebranding of our website that carried details about the conceptualisation, implementation, scale up of 12 Pillar Clinical Governance programme is taking longer than expected. (We are scaling up activities beyond Nigeria and West Africa to go more Global).

We are making haste to go back on web very shortly.

However some material is shared below for now:


Joseph Ana.

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How to rebuild global health

BMJ 2010; 341 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.c5520 (Published 27 October 2010)Cite this as: BMJ 2010;341:c5520

1. Richard Smith, director, UnitedHealth Chronic Disease Initiative

1. richardswsmith@yahoo.co.uk

Joseph Ana’s book describes how he turned around the failing health system in a southern Nigerian state. Richard Smith is impressed with the results

Imagine that one day you’re a general practitioner in Luton and the next you are responsible for the health of the three million people of Cross River state, one of the poorest in Nigeria, where child mortality is 20% and maternal mortality 1%, childhood immunisation rates are under 20%, and you have only 72 doctors. And you’d be facing this challenge in a country where corruption is among the worst in the world, with power cuts ubiquitous and everything a struggle. Could you cope? Where would you start?

Joseph Ana made this transition and describes in his book how he went about tackling his new job. The book falls somewhat uncomfortably between a guide on how to rebuild a shattered African health system and a story of a great endeavour. There are two better books to be written: one would give more precise guidance, and one would tell the story with the full complexities that Ana faced�and mostly overrcame.

Ana did have advantages. He was born in Cross River state (his brother died in the Biafra war, fought partly in the state), did his medical training in Nigeria, and has travelled the whole �


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2-4 May 2018


Joseph Ana

Lead Senior Fellow, Africa Center for Clinical Gov Research & Patient Safety; Nigeria

Joseph Ana completed his basic medical education and graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria in the 1978 Class, and subsequently had a broad-based professional including academic postgraduate training and practice in general Surgery, Urology, General Practice as Partner, Trainer and Clinical Governance Lead in the United Kingdom.

Professor Ana has extensive research activities in the original, clinical and epidemiological aspects of diseases, medical education, public health including health system strengthening in resource deprived countries. He conceptualized, designed and led the pilot of The 12-Pillar version of Clinical Governance suitable for application in Low and Middle Income Countries. His outstanding contributions to health and medicine has resulted in almost 80 publications in book chapters, books and papers in major scientific journals and over 100 citations as at 2016. He led the team that won the major grant to establish 130 functional primary health centres in Cross River State in 2007. He is currently the country coordinator / lead of the World Bank assisted PACK ( Practical Approach to Care Kit) guideline for all primary health clinician cadres in Nigeria. He has attracted several other grants/assistance for his research and capacity building activities from a wide spectrum of sponsors/agencies.

Aug 11, 2016 - Professor Joseph Ana, Africa Centre for Clinical Governance ... the book titled 'Whole system change of failing health systems') were positive.’

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