Quality (39) Information privacy and quality of care (3) Knowledge management and the coronavirus pandemic (2)

22 June, 2021

Thanks Chris! [Chris Zielinski, UK: https://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/quality-34-information-privacy-and-qual...

My idea is that there needs to be a protocol for sharing information in emergency epidemic environments. Under such circumstances, if it is going to prevent a much larger outbreak and public health crisis, protected health information needs to be shared (without compromising confidentiality). Might you agree?

For me, far too much emphasis was placed on data privacy in health data at the expense of public health and epidemic control during 2020. With much greater granularity on the location of outbreaks and infections, at least geographically, much could have been done, in my opinion, to prevent the spread.

Thank you! Sebastian

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