Quality (75) What does quality of care mean to you? (17)

1 July, 2021

Quality of care must have this items to exist or to have meaning:

1) Space to patient on time it means avoiding overcrowding.

2) Primary Health Care with best well trained Clinicians, able to diagnose accurately the basic initially diseases like HTA, Diabetes, Allergy in skin, alimentary and respiratory. Cases to pass for Public Health investigation with Laboratory help.

3) Learn to educate people about good health.

4) Referential services well directed by the best GPs to avoid overcrowded Hospitals and bad use of diagnose tools.

5) Drugs to really treat the diseases bcs we are growing up a new condition where patients use many different treatments all life it means medicines are not working.

6) Chemistry specialists for a perfect hygiene of builds, food and clothes.

7) Perfect dashboard system for monitoring and evaluating all the mentioned activities.

Health personnel must be efficient, efficacy of diagnose tools and medicines on place and privacy to attend patients.


HIFA profile: Isabel I Keshavji is a GP at the Health Ministry in Mozambique. Professional interests: Non Communicable Diseases. isabelkeshavji AT yahoo.com