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2 July, 2021

I share the same view with Neil.

When the question "What does quality of care mean to you?" was posed, my first impulse was to take a second look at the WHO definition of "quality of care". The most important thing (in my humble opinion) to consider, as noted in that definition, is "...INCREASE THE LIKELIHOOD OF DESIRED HEALTH OUTCOMES ... consistent with evidence-based professional knowledge."

The definition appears to be quite comprehensive in scope and elements (though, it may not necessarily be exhaustive). And I think one of the key elements of quality of care is PEOPLE-CENTREDNESS. But I've been wondering if this would also imply COMPASSION.

Though it may not be a sufficient condition, compassion/compassionate care is important in patients' healing process. To some (I do not want to presume 'many'), compassion determines their choice of care providers/givers.


ORFEGA, Moses Kumaoron

HIFA profile: Moses Kumaoron Orfega is a Service Improvement Desk Officer at the National Health Insurance Scheme, Nigeria. Professional interests: Social Protection and Financing; Social Health Protection and Universal Health Coverage; Service Quality Improvement; Information Technology. He is a HIFA catalyst for the WHO/HIFA project on Learning for Quality Health Services. Email: ofegamoses AT gmail.com