Recap: Adolescent Responsive Services in Family Planning

20 April, 2021

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Here are some recent family planning and reproductive health articles from Knowledge SUCCESS:

Recap: Adolescent Responsive Services in Family Planning< This recap post covers a recent webinar that discussed a health systems approach to adolescent responsive services, following the newly released High Impact Practice (HIP) Brief.

Scale-Up Community of Practice in Transition< In nearly eight years at the helm of the Systematic Approaches to Scale-Up Community of Practice (COP), the Evidence to Action (E2A) Project grew the community from several committed partners in 2012 to nearly 1,200 members worldwide today. With sustained engagement from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and core technical partners (including founding members ExpandNet and the IBP Network), the COP advanced the field of scale-up. Over the years the COP produced webinar series and numerous workshops and developed reports and other products, including an updated bibliography of systematic approaches for scaling up.

2020: An Adaptation Crash Course<>: IBP Network partners are using StoryMaps to visualize the trials and tribulations of a pandemic year in family planning.

Recap: An introduction to FP2030 Commitments< This webinar recap post covers a webinar hosted by FP2030 as the first in a series of conversations on FP2030 commitments. This webinar featured an introduction and orientation on the new elements of the FP2030 Commitment Guidance Toolkit. It also provided an opportunity for governments and non-state stakeholders to consult directly with thematic experts and discuss country experiences in the FP2030 commitment-making process.

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