Sharing distance education for the 290 million COVID-19-grounded students globally

12 March, 2020

Dear Colleague,

The Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has universities and institutions around the world closing their campuses -- as of 3 March, 290 million students globally [ are out of school for COVID-19. But that doesn't mean that students can't continue learning. is joining forces with Nurses International and others to offer public health and clinical courses for free during the traveling and gathering restrictions so that learning institutions can remain strong and students/faculty don't waste valuable academic time, or get sick. Faculty/educators who don't have online materials can use these free, online courses, and assign coursework to students that align with their learning objectives.

Might your program be interested in joining a collaboration of organizations offering online content to help protect students and universities during traveling and gathering restrictions? We're leading a "Share a Course, Not a Virus -- COVID-19 Initiative", and we would love to have your collaboration. courses freely available



Environmental Health

Climate Change and Health

War and Health

Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Substance Use Disorders (screening, prevention, and counseling)

Community-Oriented Primary Care

Breast Health

Emergency Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

People's-uni courses freely available

Disaster Management and Emergency Planning

Public Health Nutrition

Evaluation of Interventions

Evidence-Based Practice

Health Economics

Health Promotion

Non-Communicable Diseases

Public Health Concepts for Policy Makers

Please let us know how we can help your educational needs during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak in your area? Reply to this email with your institution's COVID-19 story and educational needs -- we want to help fill your educational gaps -- now with COVID-19, and always!

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Miriam Chickering

Chief Executive Officer

Nurses International

Chief Operating Officer

(763) 954-0314

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