A Showcase of Social Innovations in Health: The SIHI Asia Hubs Experience, 18 November, 13:00-15:00 GMT

9 November, 2021

Dear colleagues,

Join us for a free webinar that will showcase examples of social innovations that are improving healthcare delivery in Asia on 18 November 2021, 13:00-15:00 GMT. The webinar will include the following presentations:

- Social Innovations in Health from India and the Philippines 2020-2021

- Identifying Social Innovations through Crowdsourcing Open Calls: Methods and Processes

- Embedding Social Innovation in Research and Research in Social Innovation: The Social Innovation in Health Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Checklist

- Co-creating Social Innovations Through Implementation Research

Please register through the following link:

https://bit.ly/SocialInnovationsAsia. You may email us at

info@socialinnovationinhealth.org for any questions. You may also check out

our website to know more about SIHI: www.socialinnovationinhealth.org.

We look forward to having you!


Jean Barcena on behalf of the SIHI Secretariat


Jean Francis A. Barcena

Communications Coordinator

SIHI Secretariat

Hosted at the College of Medicine,

University of the Philippines Manila


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