Special issue of BMJ Innovations on solutions with community work to strengthen health and health systems

20 September, 2021

Dear HIFA,

BMJ Innovations has opened a Call for papers with deadline November 5, focusing on social innovations for health.

We invite you to promote, disseminate, and contribute to this special supplement; here is a twitter link for dissemination https://twitter.com/bmj_innovations/status/1437850449567223808?s=24

Yours truly,

Luis Gabriel Cuervo

Dr. Luis Gabriel Cuervo

Senior Advisor, Research for Health

Unit of Health Services and Access, Department of Health Systems and Services

Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization

525 Twenty-third Street NW, Washington, DC. 20037. USA

Tel +1 (202) 974-3135 http://www.paho.org/researchportal


HIFA profile: Luis Gabriel Cuervo is Senior Advisor, Research for Health, Unit of Health Systems and Access, Department of Health Systems and Services, Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization, Washington, DC. USA. http://www.paho.org/researchportal


[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Many thanks Luis Gabriel. Here is some more information from the Call for papers: 'When it comes to addressing local health challenges, social innovations can frequently match and exceed the impact of high-tech innovations, and they can also work in synergy. Social innovations in health are inclusive solutions that meet the needs of end-users through community-engaged, person-centered processes. We want to identify the most important work studying these innovations and highlight case examples that have made a significant impact on health outcomes.' https://innovations.bmj.com/pages/call-for-papers-special-supplement-on-... ]