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Taiwan and COVID-19

2 April, 2020

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): The original message carried a graphic, which can be viewed at https://portal.internationalgme.org/neweventres]

Examine Taiwan carefully! Precisely when and what have they done to account for their COVID-19 numbers!

Although not part of WHO, Taiwan must have acted prior to other nations, and perhaps before the WHO announcement of COVID-19 being a pandemic.

Despite the difference in population density, Taiwan is definitely doing an excellent job of curbing the exponential spread of the virus compared to other countries, such as Canada.


What can we learn?


HIFA profile: David Cawthorpe is Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary, Canada. His professional interests include: Human Development, Developmental Psychopathology, and Delivery of low bandwidth medical education curriculum. cawthord AT ucalgary.ca