Tools to Assess the Trustworthiness of Evidence-Based Point-of-Care Information for Health Care Professionals: Systematic Review (3)

19 January, 2020

Dear Carmen and all,

Thank you for your important question: "Even though language was not a criteria to analyse, do the websites include information in any other language than English?"

I have reviewed the full text and can confirm that *all* of the 17 tools are available in English only. We would be interested to know if any tools have been translated or if there are any other tools originally created in other languages.

Lack of healthcare information and tools in languages other than English is a huge and neglected global health issue and significant contributor to avoidable death and suffering worldwide. HIFA's work in this area is led by the HIFA Multilingualism group (currently without funding - if anyone can help/advise, please contact me: We are currently helping to organise a Roundtable on this issue at the Geneva Health Forum on 26 March 2020. More to follow soon.

Best wishes, Neil

Joint Coordinator, HIFA Project on Multilingualism

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