Traditional birth attendants (15)

7 September, 2021

HIFA forum has offered a platform for open discussions relevant to positive health outcomes in communities with underserved health facilities, found mostly in LMICs. The studies below by a member have given me further insights to the discussions on TBAs.

CITATION: Chanda, Dorothy & Siziya, Seter & Baboo, Kumar. (2016). Improving infection prevention practice in traditional birth attendants in Chongwe District, Zambia. African Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health. 10. 62-65. 10.12968/ajmw.2016.10.2.62.


(1) The work on 'Community Social Support Role of Trained Traditional Birth Attendants in Chongwe District, Zambia' was apt in the context of low resources settings and poor health systems. The methodology applied was able to derive considerable imperatives required to describe the voluntary responsibilities of TBAs in that region (of which is still in practice across Sub-Saharan Africa). Research Findings speak to the need for co-creation models when designing health budgeting in order to factor in compensation plans to support TBAs.

(2) 'Improving infection prevention practice in traditional birth attendants in Chongwe District, Zambia' is very extensive and insightful. The research particularly tailored to address the need for continous development programmes for TBAs to unlearn and learn, and adopt current and good hygiene practices. It also revealed that age is no limitation to learning good practices.. The work painstakingly applied a process of culturing hand swaps in order to establish links with health outcomes (morbidity and mortality) for improvement in practice. Most interesting, is that the research outputs were incorporated into a Training manual for TBAs.

After going through these studies on TBAs, I have drawn some lessons for hyper localization and reproducibility in my future engagements.

HIFA profile: Kingsley George is a Community Engagement Officer at the Centre for Civic Education, Nigeria. Professional interest: Social and Behaviorial Change. kingsleygeorgea AT