Training primary health workers in Micronesia

14 September, 2021

A strategy to address the scarcity of the Primary Health Care workers in the remote areas of the Global community

The medical knowledge and techniques are continually expanding and there is a relative neglect of continuing education for all personnel working in the health sector. The most powerful way to affect the health and welfare of the community is through the improved understanding of the awareness of health. The most acceptable way of communicating this message is through developing the indigenous health worker. Recruiting trained medical doctors to remote atolls serving populations of only a few hundred is rarely possible from either a fiscal or practical perspective. These medical experts demand high salaries, and generally service much larger populations. Thus, enlisting indigenous medical assistants who have been appropriately trained to oversee the health needs of these smaller populations seems a reasonable solution. These type of programmes can be successful way of opening up for employment opportunities and motivating hard-working young people. Papua New Guinea's health sector is facing a series of major challenges - including an emerging workforce crisis - that must be dealt with if it hopees to deliver better health care. The sector's shortcomings are manifesting themselves in a worrying health picture. Over the past 35 years, there has been little improvement, and evidence from the past decade indicates extremely fragile outcomes. Rates of maternal and infant mortality, and traditional communicable diseases - which together account for about 60 percent of the total disease burden - remain unacceptably high making matters worse is thhe emergence of new diseases, including the HIV and AIDS epidemics, and lifestyle-related diseases.

Keywords: Primary Health Care, Health Practitioners, Rural Health


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