Twitter chat: disability data in development

14 October, 2020

Dear all,

For those of you on Twitter with an interest in disability data, there will be a Twitter chat tomorrow focusing on the role that disability plays in development, particularly in low and middle-income countries. This is an attempt to make disability more prominent during the upcoming UN Data Forum.

The Twitter chat will take place on Thursday 15th October, at 3-4pm BST (10am EST) here:

Hashtags to use are: #disabilitydatachat and #UNDataForum.

If you would like to prepare in advance, here are the questions for the chat:

Q1: Why is it important to disaggregate data by disability?

Q2: There is a lack of reliable data on disability, particularly in low and middle income countries. How can we change this?

Q3: What are the best practices in relation to #disabilitydata collection in response to crises such as Covid-19?

Q4: What ways can we incorporate inclusivity in the design, delivery and analysis of data collection in programmes/research, do you have any examples?

All the best,


Anne Roca

Global Advisor, Research Uptake and Learning

HIFA profile: Anne Roca is a Global Advisor on Research Uptake and Learning at Sightsavers in the UK. Sightsavers is a global development organization doing research and implementing projects on eye health, NTDs, social inclusion, and education around the world. Before joining Sightsavers, Anne was a Senior Editor for The Lancet Global Health for over 3 years. Her experience also includes working for the Pan American Health Organization for almost 10 years, as a Technical Advisor on topics related to epidemiology, multilingual information dissemination, and knowledge management. She was also an independent consultant for several years, assisting researchers, NGOs and other institutions in sharing the product of research through writing, editing, and management of information. She holds a Master's degree in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University. She is a member of the HIFA working group on Multilingualism.

Email: aroca AT