Updated HIP Brief on Family Planning and Immunization Integration

3 November, 2021

Dear colleagues,

The High Impact Practices (HIPs) Partnership is pleased to announce the release of the newly updated Family Planning and Immunization Integration https://www.fphighimpactpractices.org/briefs/family-planning-and-immuniz... brief. An update from the version originally released in 2013, this service delivery brief details how the extended postpartum period can be a crucial opportunity to provide family planning counseling and services alongside immunization services. Immunization services offer an important opportunity to reach underserved women in the year following delivery, and beyond. Immunization is one of the most widely used health services globally as shown by high vaccination coverage, with approximately one billion children vaccinated over the past decade. The brief provides a theory of change, tips for implementation, indicators, and other essential tools to consider with this high impact practice.

Natalie Apcar, MSc (she/her)

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HIFA profile: Natalie Apcar is Program Officer, Knowledge SUCCESS, JHU CCP, United States. Email: natalie.apcar AT jhu.edu