Updated HIP brief on Pharmacies and Drug Shops

4 September, 2021

Dear colleagues,

The HIP partnership is pleased to announce the release of the updated Pharmacies & Drug Shops brief [ https://www.fphighimpactpractices.org/briefs/drug-shops-and-pharmacies/ ]. An update to the version originally released in 2013, this Service Delivery brief provides evidence-based strategies that can help support drug shops and pharmacies in providing a wider variety of family planning methods and information. Evidence shows that with training and support, pharmacy and drug shop staff can facilitate the use of a broad range of modern contraception, especially in areas where the unmet need is high, access to family planning services is poor, and health worker shortages and other barriers prevent women, men, and youth from accessing family planning services. This brief was written by: Sara Chace Dwyer (Population Council), Katy Footman (MSI), Sameh Madian (DKT), Tracy Orr (FHI 360), Laura Raney (FP2030), Vinit Sharma (UNFPA), John Stanback (FHI 360), and Julie Solo.

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