Updates on Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition and COVID-19 - Scientific journal articles

21 September, 2020

NEW Updates on Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition and COVID-19 - scientific journal articles – 17 September 2020

Dear Colleagues, we just updated the repository. Since Thursday September 10th, we added almost 130 NEW publications for September (68 new), August (34 new), July (16 new), June (3 new), May (3 new), April (1 new), and March (1 new). (The new ones are marked in blue (scroll down on the page, as there are also new ones that came out before the last update)).

Please visit this site: http://hopkinshumanitarianhealth.org/empower/advocacy/covid-19/covid-19-...

Click on September, August, or July or any other month on the right side of the webpage.

As you know, all new publications provide research-related findings on COVID-19 and child health (from neonates to adolescents) and maternal health (especially, but not exclusively, pregnancy-related issues), infant and breastfeeding and nutrition.

We need your help to disseminate this repository to the many research workers, health practitioners, policymakers, nutritionists, etc. who have less access to the scientific papers that come out. Please forward this email to them or provide me with some suggestions. We think this repository will still benefit a larger audience.

We also have a Specific repository only on COVID-19, Breastfeeding, Infant Feeding, and Breast Milk. The next update for that is tomorrow 18 September. We will not send out any specific notification on this. Just check the website tomorrow.

Lastly, we want to stress that it is easy to find the publication of your interest by just using the search option in the ‘month file’ and type in your topic of interest (using Ctrl F keys).

Happy reading!

Mija Ververs

Mija-tesse VERVERS

Emergency Response and Recovery Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Atlanta

Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Baltimore

USA (+1) 443-707-9769

Email: mververs@cdc.gov and mververs@jhu.edu

HIFA Profile: Mija Tesse Cora Ververs is a Health Scientist (CDC), Senior Associate (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health, United States.

Email: mververs AT jhu.edu