Walking the talk - how can HIFA members reduce global aviation emissions? (3)

27 December, 2019

Dear Joseph,

"How does one join your movement?"

There is no formal agenda or new organisation to join, and thoughts/ideas from all are welcome. Please do continue to follow and contribute to the discussion on HIFA, as you and others are doing. At this stage I think it would be helpful to identify any activities or organisations that are already actively looking at these issues, and to see how we might contribute/collaborate. As Erica and I mentioned in our post, the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change is one such organisation http://www.ukhealthalliance.org/ and is chaired by HIFA member Richard Smith. There is also the Global Climate and Health Alliance http://climateandhealthalliance.org/

I am conscious our discussion on HIFA would be a very small (but significant) part of a much bigger 'movement' around raising awareness of, and reducing humanity's impact on, climate change. There are (at least) two aspects that are directly relevant to HIFA:

The first, as mentioned in Erica and my message, is to recognise the damage done by air travel to international physical conferences and explore the potential for virtual communication tools such as HIFA to help reduce CO2 emissions while strengthening global communication and collaboration.

The second is to explore the information and learning needs of the public, health workers and policymakers around objective understanding of the issue and, in particular, the impact on health of current and future generations.

Thoughts on these and any other aspects are welcome.

Best wishes, Neil

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