Walking the talk - how can HIFA members reduce global aviation emissions? (4)

29 December, 2019


I'm delighted to read the interesting ideas on this this thread. I used to work in the field of medical educational publishing and often wondered at the expense of the conferences and all the waste they created.

I wondered whether you'd heard of this group - https://sustainablehealthcare.org.uk/ ?

They have a number initiatives, including one to green NHS properties and another to promote re-use of various equipment and tools regularly distributed by the NHS.

Personally, as someone who works in online learning, I'm comfortable attending whole conferences online and I've seen a move towards this in most sectors. Indeed, I've had the luxury of viewing a whole conference on medical education by the Association of International Medical Education online as part of my job. It certainly cuts costs and makes it more affordable if and when one can afford the technology and data for streaming services.

Thanks too for the reminder of this portal of free qualifications.

I look forward to reading more about the interesting initiatives others are implementing.

Kind regards,

Kate Whittaker

HIFA profile: Kate Whittaker is a freelance researcher with an interest in the debates around access to medical information and training materials. She previously worked with CABI developing an online course on working in microbiology laboratories. She also assisted with the development of the African Health project of Open Educational Resources (OER) Africa. kfwhittaker AT gmail.com.