Washing hands with soap and water after defecation (5) Mnemonic for six step hand hygiene technique (2)

30 December, 2019

Wow! Fantastic way to ingrain proper handwashing! [http://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/washing-hands-soap-and-water-after-defec...

We can use your “Brother John Handwashing” communication body tool with adults as well as children. We all know the song but most of us have forgotten the specific six WHO steps if we ever learned them. Your “Brother John Handwashing” communication tool is a perfect mnemonic timing mechanism for real life use, reducing the effort to assure yourself that you actually washed for 20-30 seconds. We have also been using our voices and hands or whole bodies as communication body tools for inculcating key decision-making MNCH health knowledge among low literate adults, children and entire communities. Your work combining handwashing and a well-loved song will be much more effective than our handwashing communication tool. For scale up, promote your communication body tool with a demonstration using soap and water; however, realistically soap and water will not be available for each person who needs to practice. Consequently, promote group singing and “dry” hand actions without requiring soap and water. With lots of practice (not feasible using soap and water every time), our hands can memorize the necessary actions along with the song without the help of the soap and water (sort of like touch typing). Check out our “Vaccination Hand” and “Vaccination Slogan” and “Maternal Danger Signs Song” in Community Communication MNCH e-Manual: Participatory Health Promotion Sessions (http://www.thehealthcompass.org/sbcc-tools/community-communication-mnch-...).

HIFA profile: Susan B Aradeon is an International Consultant, Social and Behavior Change Communication, in the USA. Professional interests: community communication integrated with mobilization, Maternal Newborn and Child Health, Reproductive and Sexual Health, including Adolescents. Susan led the development and scaled up implementation of Community Communication—a health promotion approach based on empowering community volunteer health promoters and community members to become the communicators reaching deep into their own communities. Innovative communication body tools and rapid entertainment education tools empower health workers, community volunteers and health session participants to become community communicators regardless of their literacy level or social status. The Community Communication MNCH e-Manual: Participatory Health Sessions and the associated Job Aids serve as an implementation guide for trainers. Susan advocates for expansion of the SDG3.1 Skilled Birth Attendant strategy to include safer home deliveries and rural community mobilization for timely emergency evacuation on behalf of the over 100 million women who will continue to deliver at home in the near and intermediate term. More background information is freely available on Linkedin. saradeon AT yahoo.com