Webinar: Is compassion essential for quality health care? 3 August

26 July, 2020

From the Focus Area for Compassion and Ethics task force, with thanks to Shams Syed at WHO.

Subject: [EXT] Next Global Health Compassion Rounds - Aug. 3!

We are pleased to invite you to the third event in our series!

Global Health Compassion Rounds

Gathering a global community to share experiences, challenge ideas, and spark thinking on compassion in global health.

Please join us on August 3, 2020 at 11:00 ET (17:00 GMT+2)

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The World Health Organization now regards compassion as essential for quality universal health coverage. This Global Health Compassion Rounds will highlight the compelling evidence around the central role of compassion in quality health care.

Dr. Stephen Trzeciak, co-author of Compassionomics, will present his research on the impacts of compassion in a health care setting -- not only on patients, but also for providers and health care organizations. Reflections and group discussion will follow.

Join us for this timely and lively discussion!

Please share with colleagues you feel would be interested.

Register Here https://emory.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vxbTVHdHSwuWcLLGVyM6Sg

What are global health compassion rounds?

The rounds are a safe space to discuss topics on compassion within health service delivery. They will be themed and include an introduction on “why this round,” followed by an invited reflection from a global health expert. The remaining time will be dedicated to open discussion to continue exploring compassion with the global community.

Hosted by the Focus Area for Compassion and Ethics (FACE) at the Task Force for Global Health and the Global Learning Laboratory (GLL) at the World Health Organization.

For additional questions, please email us at face@taskforce.org