Webinar: Final webinar in ISSOP series on climate change and child health: 23rd/24th September

15 September, 2021

Dear HIFA colleagues,

This message was sent today on our sister forum CHIFA (child health), jointly administered by HIFA, ISSOP and ICHG. Accessing and applying reliable information on the health impacts of climate change - onj both children and adults (onow and in the future) - is vitally important. The voices of young people will be given prominence in this webinar. As Greta Thunberg says repeatedly: "Don't listen to me. Listen to the science."


Final webinar in ISSOP series on climate change and child health: 23rd/24th September

Dear CHIFA members, the final webinar in the ISSOP series on climate change and child health will be on the 23rd September at 5pm GMT for global West and 24th September at 3.30am GMT for global East. The title of this session is



The focus of the session will be the UN Climate conference to be held in Glasgow in the first two weeks of November, and what the child health community expects from the talks.

Speakers will include the President of the RCPCH Dr Camilla Kingdon and representatives from other paediatric associations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the International Pediatric Association, together with the voice of young people. There will be extended discussion after the talks.

Further information see https://www.issop.org/2021/09/14/issop-climate-change-webinar-no-8-flyer/

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You can still view the recordings of all previous webinars via the ISSOP website link -


Tony Waterston

CHIFA profile: Tony Waterston is a retired consultant paediatrician who worked mainly in the community in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. He spent 6 years working in Zambia and Zimbabwe and directed the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Diploma in Palestinian Child Health teaching programme in the occupied Palestinian territories. He was an Editor of the Journal of Tropical Pediatrics and is on the Executive Committee of the International Society for Social Pediatrics. His academic interests are child poverty, advocacy for child health and children's rights. He is currently the lead moderator of CHIFA (HIFA's sister forum on child health and rights). He is also a member of the HIFA Steering Group. Tony.Waterston AT newcastle.ac.uk


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