Webinar: How can community health workers feel empowered? Wednesday, 11 Nov 2020

9 November, 2020

The message below is forwarded from the CHW Thematic Working Group


Dear All,

Oxford Policy Management and Women in Global Health India would like to invite you to a discussion on

How can community health workers feel empowered?

Wednesday, 11th Nov 2020

11.30am IST

Register here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/community-health-workers-frontiers-of-think...

This discussion is part of the Community Health Workers: Frontiers of Thinking and Evidence Webinar Series by OPM and WGHI. The series aims to share evidence on CHWs and contribute to the existing understanding around some of the key concerns of CHWs. Each webinar will focus on a dedicated theme, involve multiple stakeholders to discuss the relevance, application, and implications of existing evidence on CHWs in India. By synthesising evidence and learnings from research, policy and practice, the sessions will contribute to the collective dialogue towards identifying potential solution areas and the way forward. The Webinar How can Community Health Workers feel empowered? is the first in the series.

Session abstract:

Strong, trust-based relationships between a CHW, community and other stakeholders is one of the factors which can enable a CHW to undertake their tasks more effectively and provide an enabling environment for CHWs to feel empowered to do so. Adequate training, infrastructure, transportation facilities, communication materials, medical supplies, supervision, career progression pathways, protection against social and gender based discrimination and grievance redressal mechanisms are ways in which CHWs can feel empowered to undertake their tasks more effectively. However, in reality, CHWs tend to be disempowered by the health system, with little control over their work environment, workload, or performance. An environment that enables CHWs to be and feel empowered, with better agency on their work, is key to their role as social change agents. In this Webinar, global and national evidence on limits to CHW empowerment will be presented, and approaches to addressing these limitations and solution areas will be discussed.


Best wishes, Neil

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