Webinar: Increasing Coordinated Investment in Social and Behavior Change for Family Planning

10 January, 2020

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You are cordially invited to join Breakthrough ACTION for a series of webinars highlighting strategic priorities from the Shared Agenda for Social and Behavior Change in Family Planning (https://breakthroughactionandresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/It-...). The Shared Agenda was developed to catalyze coordination among funders and implementers seeking to create impact in family planning through social and behavior change interventions. Each webinar in this series will focus on one of the Shared Agenda priorities, inviting donors, governments, multilateral organizations, and implementing partners to discuss successes, gaps, and how partners can work together to implement the recommendations. Details for the first webinar are below.

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Increasing Coordinated Investment in Social and Behavior Change for Family Planning

January 21, 2020

9:00 am-10:00 am EST

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Despite a major coalescence around the Family Planning 2020 and Ouagadougou Partnership goals in the last five years, there has been a lack of understanding of how major stakeholders fund and implement SBC programming to meet those goals or what future investment priorities should be. Furthermore, SBC is not yet anchored as a core element of major development organizations’ family planning strategies and programming or government planning mechanisms. Investment is insufficient, particularly at the country level, to support the implementation of SBC as a proven intervention to achieve global and country-level family planning targets. A targeted effort is needed to build awareness and prioritize SBC as an integral component of family planning strategies, and to provide sufficient resources and supportive policies to enable country investment and encourage peer adoption. This webinar will share tools and experiences in advocating for SBC investments and initiatives to increase the coordination of resources.


- Hope Hempstone, USAID


- Michelle Weinberger, Breakthrough RESEARCH

- Uttara Bharath, Breakthrough ACTION

- Sohail Agha and Perri Sutton, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

- Pranab Rajbhandari, Breakthrough ACTION Nepal

Featured Presentations:

- Making the Business Case for Investing in SBC for Family Planning

- Advocating for SBC in Family Planning

- Coordinating SBC Investment and Knowledge in Family Planning

- Strengthening Local Level Investment in SBC in Nepal

HIFA Profile: Marcela Aguilar is Director of Communications at Breakthrough ACTION, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Washington DC.


Email: marcela.aguilar AT jhu.edu