Webinar- 'Learning from Exemplars in Global Health: Building strong national community health systems'

2 July, 2020

Dear colleagues

Community Health- Community of Practice is happy to announce the webinar dissemination http://clicks.thecollectivity.org/track/click/30986051/drive.google.com of the key findings of ‘The Exemplars in Global Health' http://clicks.thecollectivity.org/track/click/30986051/www.exemplars.health on 9th July, Thursday (8 am EDT / 9 am Brazil/ 1 pm UK). In collaboration with local research partners in each country, the team has studied how Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia and Liberia managed to establish and sustain high-performing community health worker programs.

In the open forum you can have a dialogue with the team to know more details how CHWs have been integrated into the health systems in these countries, how governments have built successful multi-sectoral coordination bodies to reduce fragmentation, and the role that CHWs can play in epidemic response.

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