Webinar: Setting Up Community Emergency Transport Systems Using Motorbike Ambulances

14 January, 2020

Dear HIFA community,

Please join us for the Health Research Program's Care-Seeking & Referral Community of Practice (CoP) webinar on Wednesday, January 21 at 8:00 am EST (1 pm UTC). Dr. Seun Aladesanmi, Global Associate Program Director, MNH, at the Clinton Health Access Initiative will discuss community emergency transport systems using motorbike ambulances. The Care-Seeking & Referral CoP aims to foster technical exchange, collaboration, learning, capacity building, and resource mobilization.

Please follow this link to attend the webinar: https://www.harpnet.org/care-seeking-referral-community-of-practice-webi...

We also invite you to join our Care-Seeking & Referral Community of Practice: https://communities.harpnet.org/care-seeking-and-referral/join

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Hillary Eschenburg

Research Associate

Social Solutions International, Inc.



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HIFA profile: Hillary Eschenburg is a Research Associate at Social Solutions International in the United States. Email address: heschenburg AT socialsolutions.biz