WHO Global Observatory on Health R&D: New product pipeline analysis for all diseases

16 July, 2019

Dear all,

New analysis from the WHO Global Observatory on Health R&D shows for the first time a comprehensive overview of health products (medicines, vaccines and diagnostics that include an active pharmaceutical ingredient), from discovery to market launch for all indications, using the Springer Nature AdisInsight database.

The analysis of more than 86 000 products currently tracked by this data source shows that:

· Less than half of these products are active

· Out of products that are active and in a clinical phase of development, far more are for noncommunicable diseases (87%) than for other disease categories

· Only a tiny proportion of active products target a WHO neglected tropical diseases (less than 0.5%) or a WHO R&D Blueprint pathogen (less than 0.4%).

To see more findings or to explore the interactive data visualization with your own queries, see:

Health products in the pipeline from discovery to market launch for all diseases

(url: https://www.who.int/research-observatory/monitoring/processes/health_pro...)

This information will be of interest to health policy makers, funders of biomedical research, product development partnerships, researchers and the pharmaceutical industry. It will help explore how best to increase efficiency, coordinate investments, and contribute to more equitable and evidence-informed decisions on new investments, taking into consideration public health needs.

To check other interactive data visualizations and analysis, visit the monitoring, benchmarking or indicators sections or consult the data visualization index for a list. Check also the databases and resources section of the Observatory, which continually include new links to relevant online resources.

WHO Global Health R&D Observatory: https://www.who.int/research-observatory/en/

Taghreed Adam, MD, MSc, PhD


Department of Information, Evidence and Research

World Health Organization

Geneva, Switzerland

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