WHO-HSG-HIFA Collaboration: 2nd Thematic Discussion on CHWs Oct/Nov 2019

31 December, 2019

Dear HIFA colleagues,

Here is the Long Edit version of our 2nd thematic discussion on CHWs, looking especially at the issues raised by the Recommendations 6-10 in the WHO Guideline: Appropriate supervision, remuneration, career prospects, and workload


And here is the presentation given by HIFA member Baba Aye at the Dhaka Symposium in November. The presentation includes selected highlights of our first two HIFA discussions (Recommendations 1-10):


Our thanks to Baba and all on on the HIFA CHW working group


The group will convene early in the new year to plan the third and final thematic discussion, looking at the remaining Recommendations 11-15 and issues relating to uptake and implementation.

If you are involved in CHW programming, whether public sector or through and NGO, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with our group to discuss: neil@hifa.org

Many thanks, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Community Health Workers - Supported by the World Health Organization


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