WHO news release: France pledges US$100 million for WHO learning platform in global health (3)

29 February, 2020

Thanks to Neil for signposting us to this important initiative and to Erica for offering to be a bridge for our comments. I would hope that the WHO Academy will be able to utilise existing online courses and not feel the need to re-invent material that is already available. For example, Peoples-uni has a range of free Open Online Courses which are available now (http://ooc.peoples-uni.org) which I hope might be utilised by the Academy - list of courses is here https://ooc.peoples-uni.org/mod/page/view.php?id=483%2522

Best wishes, Dick Heller

HIFA profile: Richard Heller is coordinator of People's Open Access Education Initiative, Peoples-uni, which aims to build Public Health capacity in low- to middle-income countries through Internet based education, using open access educational resources. Dick is a retired Professor of Public Health from Manchester University, UK. www.peoples-uni.org

rfheller AT peoples-uni.org