WHO: Procurement of assistive devices; Product specifications

13 July, 2021

It may be useful to circulate this information [below] to prevent poor buying and help LDCs get what they can of a much simplified but adequate list

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HIFA profile: Anne Chamberlain is professor of rehabilitation medicine at Leeds University, UK. She is also director of the Opt In management group, a charitable initiative which has co-ordinated overseas development visits in Bangladesh (spinal surgery techniques; therapy for children with cerebral palsy); Uganda (ultrasound training); Swaziland (community management of epilepsy); and Madagascar (ophthalmology). M.A.Chamberlain AT leeds.ac.uk

From: Elma Burger <africasci@gmail.com>

Sent: 11 July 2021 09:48

Subject: WHO documents

Please find attached WHO document related to assistive devices:

- Procurement of assistive devices [ https://www.who.int/publications-detail-redirect/9789240020283 ]

- Product specifications [ https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/9789240013988 ]

I hope these documents will assist you in the procurement of assistive devices. There is an assistive devices report that actually indicated that in many countries there are severe under funding but that issues are further complicated by procurement processes.

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Chairperson AFSCIN