WONCA Africa Webinar on COVID-19

4 March, 2020

Hi all

WONCA Africa will be hosting a webinar today 4th March 2020 on the novel Coronavirus outbreak.

12.00hrs (12pm) Nigeria

12.00hrs (12pm) Geneva

13.00hrs (1pm) South Africa

14.00hrs (2pm) Nairobi

We will have several experts from WHO-Geneva on the call tomorrow -

Overview of the COVID19 situation - Sarah Hess, WHO

Clinical Care Update - Tom Fletcheer, WHO

Infection Prevention and Control Update - April Baller, WHO

Health workforce and facility preparedness - Catherine Kane, WH<

Protection of health workers’ occupational safety and health - Ivan Ivanov, WHO

Kindly register here https://zoom.us/meeting/register/v5Qlc-Gvqz8oPdny2T5XzB2qOsFcqYQsVg

rgds, Shabir

Prof S. Moosa

HIFA profile: Shabir Moosa is an Associate Professor and Family Physician in the Department of Family Medicine & Primary Health Care, Johannesburg Health District and University of Witwatersrand. Visit website www.profmoosa.com and email shabir AT profmoosa.com