World Diabetes Day 14 November (1) Engaging people living with diabetes in policymaking

9 November, 2021

Good day, am Ibrahim Abdulrahman a student of public health in Cavendish University Uganda. I would like to share this with you. [*see note below]

best regards.

HIFA profile: Ibrahim Abdulrahman is a Doctor at Cavendish University, Uganda. Professional Interests: Public health and global health. Email address: abdulrahmanibrahim704 AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): For the benefit of those without immediate web access, this URL links to a page on the World Diabetes Day website, emphasising that 'Policymakers must meaningfully engage people living with diabetes when developing diabetes-related policy'. World Diabetes Day is on 14 November and I invite HIFA members to share your experience. To what extent are people living with diabetes engaged in developing policy in your country? Can you provide examples of how people living with diabetes (or the organisations that represent them) have contributed to policy? How can such engagement be increased?]