World Patient Safety Day 2020, 17 September

27 August, 2020

The theme for this year's World Patient Safety Day is:

Health Worker Safety: A Priority for Patient Safety

'The COVID-19 pandemic has unveiled the huge challenges and risks health workers are facing globally including health care associated infections, violence, stigma, psychological and emotional disturbances, illness and even death. Furthermore, working in stressful environments makes health workers more prone to errors which can lead to patient harm.'

The most obvious requirement in times of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases is personal protective equipment, but there are many other elements that are important, most or all of which are linked with the ability to access and apply reliable healthcare inforamtion.

HIFA would like to invite you to share your experience and thoughts on this topic, especially around the links between access/use of reliable healthcare inforamtion and health worker safety.

Best wishes, Neil

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