World Patient Safety Day: what role for HIFA? (4)

19 September, 2020

Dear Julie and Neil, 'how can HIFA help improve safety Day'? I answer : in 2 ways:

1) introduce compulsory use of PHB (Personal Health Booklet) worldwide. Each person/patient must get his/her own booklet where doctors (all of them) must write the details of the medical contact. Diagnosis included.

2) oblige doctors to adopt the CTNG(clinical terapeutic national guideline) in all prescriptions of drugs and lab tests. Worldwide.

Both above will erode power from doctors and enhance responsibility from the patient.

Power: the one that allows the doctor to prescribe whatever he likes without control. Prescriptions that often follow a logic of profit, not of medicine.

If I write 'pneumonia' and then prescribe 'a bit of steroid' to reduce inflammation ("in my practice I saw that it works"), well this mis-treatment is at least written down, for anybody else to read, including the patient. Legal aspects are at stake here, doctors are very sensitive to this aspect.

Responsibility : patients become fully aware of their condition. They come to read the diagnose and check the behaviour of doctors. Health 'belongs' to the patient and not to the doctor. He/she is the prime responsible of his/her health, not the doctor. The PHB will accompany him/her for the life, all medical history is written there.

Scripta manent verba volant: what is written will last while what is said will vanish.

Imagine a chronic disease(after a certain age all diseases are chronic...), it will be very useful to read the progress, the medical errors, the allergies to drugs, the improvement of blood tests results.

Everything is there.

Greetings from Dodoma


HIFA profile: Massimo Serventi is a long-standing Pediatrician working in Africa since 1982. He currently works on a volunteer basis in an excellent missionary/credited hospital in north Uganda, St. Mary's Hospital-Lacor-GULU. He has worked for several NGOs in 6 African/2 Asian countries. His interests include clinical and community pediatrics, adherence to clinical guidelines and school education as the major determinant of good health. massimoser20 AT