HIFA-Zambia: Further information

HIFA-Zambia is administered jointly by the Zambia-UK Health Workforce Alliance (at the Global Health Academy of the University of Edinburgh) and the Global Healthcare Information Network/HIFA. 

1. HIFA-Zambia contributes to efforts to raise awareness on health issues and initiatives in Zambia, in line with the Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance’s vision, as well as contributing towards the HIFA2015 goal of health information for all by 2015.

2. HIFA-Zambia and HIFA share a common methodology (Reader-Focused Moderation) and email platform (Dgroups)

3. HIFA-Zambia is facilitated by the HIFA-Zambia Steering Group in parallel with the main HIFA Steering Group.

4. HIFA-Zambia has its own email discussion platform, supported by the Dgroups Partnership.