BBC: DR Congo gunmen say health workers 'brought Ebola' (11)

6 May, 2019

Dear Doc it is really disheartening seeing so many people being affected and dying from this deadly disease and on the other hand finding negatively minded vandals destroying infrastructure, equipment and harassing medical staff. Is government doing enough to intervene and stop this once and for all?. The most disturbing thing is that the disease is going to flare up out of control and affect the neighboring countries and once this takes place, the problem becomes complex. AU and other Sub Saharan Forums should urgently intervene.


Member of HIFA

HIFA profile: Lucas Kunene is a PhD Public Health Student at a private institution in South Africa. Professional interests: Initially an environmental health practitioner and very passionate about WASH especially in the squatter and informal settlements where conditions are unsanitary and extremely unhygienic. Not only children but also people such as the disabled and the elderly are affected. Pit latrines are commonly used under these conditions as well as open defecation. Water is also a challenge Children under 5 years are the number one victims and no awareness nor any form of education is being given to mothers and child health care workers under these circumstances. Joining HIFA would be beneficial as I would be in a position to spread information to these unhygienic settings. Email address: kunene47 AT