Social Media Group

The Social Media Working Group is an informal group of HIFA volunteers who develop and implement the HIFA Social Media Strategy. The group is coordinated by Jules Storr, who is also the HIFA Twitter Coordinator @hif_org . Tara Ballav Adhikari coordinates the HIFA Facebook page at

Name Country
Tara Ballav Adhikari
  • HIFA Steering Group Member
  • HIFA Country Representative Coordinator
  • HIFA Facebook Coordinator
Emmanuel Ifechukwude Benyeogor
Wendie Norris
  • CAB International
United Kingdom
Neil Pakenham-Walsh
  • HIFA Coordinator
  • Director
United Kingdom
Jonathan Parker
  • HIFA publicity and fundraising
  • Director
United Kingdom
Julie N Reza
  • Independent
United Kingdom
Julie Storr
  • World Health Organization
  • HIFA Social Media Coordinator
Arjun Thandi
United Kingdom
Martin Carroll
United Kingdom
Jennifer Kizza
United Kingdom
Nick Surawy Stepney
United Kingdom