BBC: DR Congo gunmen say health workers 'brought Ebola' (2)

1 May, 2019

Those events are terrible indeed. Dr Kiboung, no doubt, did his very best, and the vaccination campaign is important.

However 1) There is war going on in the DRC, no matter how much world governments are trying to ignore Dr Mukwege (Nobel Peace Prize) investigations, documentation to the UN and speech, appeal to governments.

2) It is a fact that health care systems are spreading hemorraghic fevers, as the world expert Dr Susan P Fisher Hoch had identified. Today as yesterday, un-hygienic health systems are indeed spreading Ebola: as Dr Mike Ryan, Assistant Director General at the WHO just coming back form DRC, told Executive Board Members meeting Jan 28 at WHO headquarters.

Dr Ryan said that 86 percent of Ebola cases in Beni, RDC, where the epidemic started, were acquired in health systems. While at HQ and in the Congo, the WHO Has sought to beef up Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) as the only way to stop Ebola spread, the information is NOT put up for communities or even on the Ebola websites of the WHO, which is a gross error.

I take the liberty of pointing to an article of mine, written as an individual, not in the name of the NGO I am known with.

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