BMJ Glob Health: Creation of a national infection prevention and control programme in Sierra Leone, 2015 (2)

8 August, 2019

Hi, this made my day! I send congrats! 2015, World Health Assembly side event "From Ebola to AMR, The need for IPC". I had organized this UN WHA Technical Side event with South Africa's head of Health Services, Mrs Precious Matsoso, as lead of the Africa group, the US Mission with Dr Mitchell Wolfe, M.D., M.P.H.(U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services of the USA), and as speakers we notably had Dr Edward Kelley, of WHO, who directs the Health Delivery and Safety and oversees the IPC Department lead by Benedetta Allegranzi. At the event Dr Brima Kargbo (Chief Medical Officer, Sierra Leone) had delivered a moving testimony on how "all the health care workers who had died of Ebola since the outbreak started in Sierra Leone, had died in regular health care centers because they did not have even the basics in IPC like gloves!"

Benedetta and Julie Storr, great fighters for IPC had attended, and even DG Margaret Chan had stopped by to greet the event! We at WAAAR had done just out little bit for the cause, still, it fills me with great great joys to read this news! Bravo Sierra Leone! and a great thanks to the RSA Health ambassador in Geneva, Lindiwe Makubalo without which the event would not have occured!

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