Burnout syndrome in Ethiopia

28 February, 2019

The South Sudan Medical Journal's February 2019 issue carries a cross-sectional study on burnout syndrome among 229 Ethiopian healthcare workers in two hospitals in Mekelle. The study found that almost half the respondents reported having the syndrome with those working in the private hospitals being more at risk compared to those in the public hospital – possible due to the lower staff/patient ratio in the private hospitals. Independent predictor factors were: being female, few years of work experience, working night shifts and long working hours each week.

Citation: Gebru Hailu Redae and Ying-Chun Dai. Prevalence and associated factors of burnout syndrome among healthcare workers in public and private hospitals in Mekelle City, Ethiopia, South Sudan Medical Journal 2019; 12(1):5-8. http://www.southsudanmedicaljournal.com/archive/february-2019/prevalence...

HIFA profile: Ann Burgess is a freelance nutritionist based in Scotland, UK. She is interested in facilitating the sharing of practical nutrition information between professionals in low/medium-income countries particularly those in Africa. She has helped to prepare various kinds of nutrition materials, and is a co-editor of the 3rd edition of Nutrition for Developing Countries published in 2015. She is Editorial Advisor to the South Sudan Medical Journal www.southsudanmedicaljournal.com. annpatriciaburgess AT yahoo.co.uk