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Chinese medicine (3)

10 July, 2018

Dear All,

My thoughts on this matter is simple; this is a survival of the fittest planet.

The western world has a modern medical system that evolved alongside a modern scientific platform, military, sea-faring, religion, etc.

Hong Kong was a British colony which means the west overpowered them politically, scientifically, and militarily, years and years ago.

The west has a system in which scientists and doctors are paid well, hospitals built, laboratories equipped and professors appointed. in the West, scientific information is disseminated and exchanged through well respected journals and similar avenues.

So what we now know as Traditional Chinese Medicine (and similar platforms) have to learn from the West if they are to compete favorably internationally.

Best wishes,


HIFA profile: Uzoma Nwosu is a Doctor and Consultant in the USA. Professional interests: Health Care Information Technology. uzny001 AT yahoo.com