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3 July, 2019

I must thank Dr. Joseph Ana for these positive responses about CHEW certification in Nigeria. Sorry, I have not been able to respond for a while, I was preparing, writing my exams with LUTH.

CHEW in Nigeria is Community Health Extension Workers, the word 'Extension' means they have a wide range areas touching health to cover, and that what we have been doing, including Intersectoral collaboration with different ministries, agencies, communities, organizations to ensure health for all.

CHEWs in Nigeria have gone beyond, the bulk of services to the hard to reach areas, the neglected, the forgotten, about 75% of the rural population in Nigeria is served by the CHEWs.

Recently, credence to their skills came to fore leading to stakeholders coming together to assign more task to the under the title - Task Shifting, Task Sharing. I want to thank HIFA, Dr. Joseph and many other contributors for the interest, keep encouraging the positive aspect and let's work together to ammend any needing areas.

CHEWs are expected to supervise, train and monitor the activities of VHW, TBA and others. They spend 40% of their time in the clinic and 60% in the community doing home visit, referrals and other integrated services.

CHEWs has the slogan of 'Community Health - Our Concern'.

HIFA profile: Owolabi Sunday Adebayo is a Health Officer (CHW) with special interest in Herbal medicine at Ilera Eda Herbal World in Nigeria. Professional interests: Trained Community Health Extension Worker, has cert in Health Administration and Mgt and a Bsc in Health Edu. Professional interest in Traditional medicine. I operate a traditional medicine center, produce Herbal medicine.... currently treating patients with High blood pressure, stroke and breast cancer. Email address: oasisofcreative AT