CHWs (172) CHW Tools Feature Series: The C3 Tool

16 September, 2019

CHW Central’s latest feature is up. The CHW Coverage and Capacity (C3) Tool uses Excel to model options for CHW program design with respect to CHW time allocation, workload, and targeted population coverage of interventions, among other variables. The tool is designed to help health planners approach analysis from one of two sides: (1) to determine the approximate number of CHWs required to efficiently provide specified health interventions, or (2) to define, rationalize, and optimize the effective level of coverage for and mix of activities/interventions that a predetermined number of CHWs undertake for a given population. Click here to read the feature:

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HIFA profile: Rebecca Furth is a public health specialist and cultural anthropologist. She is a Senior Technical Advisor at Initiatives Inc., USA and Technical Manager for Her professional interests include human resources for health, community health worker program strengthening, organizational development, health systems strengthening, and culture and development. She is a member of the HIFA working group on CHWs. rfurth AT