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7 November, 2019

Dear David Werner and all,

Thank you for your message about your book "Helping Health Workers Learn", pointing out that it is indeed freely available for download from Hesperian Health Guides [

This kind of format (simple, plain text with pictures and explanations) seems especially useful as a practical guide in 'Helping *Community* Health Workers Learn'. Indeed, CHWs is the prime focus of the book, even though the term itself is only mentioned once or twice.

Looking at the title pages of the publication, it appears to still be in its 1st Edition (1982) and on its 14th printing. Both these points would suggest its veracity, popularity and continued relevance and usefulness.

Our collective challenge is to understand better *how* to empower CHWs and to provide the best resources to do so. How do we proceed? We can disseminate and encourage uptake of the CHW Guideline. But I suspect this is not enough. We also need to facilitate the development of new practical resources for CHWs and managers that are presented in the most useful format while being reflective of latest research and experience. To start, perhaps we need to identify the 'most important' (however we define the term) manuals of this kind that already exist and see how they can be further enhanced. Such enhancement might be through integration of the latest findings of the WHO Guideline on CHWs; through sharing of experience across different CHW programmes in different countries; and/or through learning from pedagogy and - especially - from the new opportunities provided by digital health.

I look forward to learn from your and others' experience on this.

Best wishes, Neil

Coordinator, HIFA Project on Community Health Workers - Supported by the World Health Organization

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