Coronavirus (677) Policymakers and health misinformation (30) Six ways COVID-19 is changing South Africa

28 May, 2020

By contrast with his counterparts in other countries, 'President Cyril Ramaphosa has won international praise for a generally sure-footed response', says this article in The New Humanitarian. I hope very much that there will be a country-by-country analysis of the degree to which heads of state and governments have delivered (or failed to deliver) evidence-informed policy and practice.

Extracts below. Full text here:


CAPE TOWN, South Africa

No country escapes coronavirus unscathed, but South Africa seems to have done better than most – despite dire predictions that African countries are a “ticking time bomb” of COVID-19 devastation.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has won international praise for a generally sure-footed response, and, after years of bad news, the country is experiencing a tentative feel-good bloom over its ability to pull together.

South Africa has recorded some 26,000 positive coronavirus cases, with over 550 deaths. On 1 June, the government will ease what have been fierce lockdown measures, despite some criticism this is premature. It has warned it will not hesitate to reimpose stringent conditions should there be an uptick in cases.

This briefing looks at some of the positives that have emerged from South Africa’s coronavirus experience, and the potential for longer-lasting changes as the government uses the crisis to drive controversial economic and social reforms...


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