Coronavirus (750) Weekly update no.10 - Evidence Aid COVID-19 project

18 June, 2020

Dear Friends (with apologies for any cross-posting),

Here is the tenth weekly update on our COVID-19 project.

As of today, 70,000 people have accessed the Evidence Aid COVID-19 collection (since data-collection started in mid-March). Following the launch of the new website, users are also spending longer on the website and returning more readily, indicating better quality engagement.

Please keep the feedback on the website coming, whether on the design and functionality or on the accessibility and relevance of the content (

Please note that these updates will now go out on a Wednesday not a Friday. Please feel free to forward within your networks.

Evidence Aid COVID-19 Weekly Bulletin

Report covering 11 days to 16th June 2020 -

Systematic review summaries

271summaries on the website in total (24 added in this period); 101 summaries in progress


249 in Arabic; 251 in Chinese (simplified); 249 in Chinese (traditional); 251 in French; 25 in Italian; 251 in Portuguese; 251 in Spanish;

Literature searches

2 searches completed in this period; 0 searches in progress

Volunteers - international

A total of 65 amazing volunteers (40 summary writers; 10 screeners; 15 information specialists/librarians) from 16 countries

Global Reach

Among others, we are collaborating with WHO, Public Health England, PAHO, Queen’s University Belfast, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland, Cochrane, Campbell, Translators Without Borders, Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative, the Irish Global Health Network, Health Service Executive Ireland, McMaster University (COVID-END) and Oxford PharmaGenesis. Evidence Aid are supported by H2H, with funding from UK Aid, and by a core grant from Oxford PharmaGenesis.

Comms/Social Media

Regular Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn posts, with social media messages in Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish.


17,570 people have used the Evidence Aid website in the past 11 days (39,470 in the 30 days prior to 16 June). After a significant surge in interest from the Middle East in early June, user figures have dropped back this week, hough average daily usage is still significantly higher compared to before the surge.

Best wishes,

Ben Heaven Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

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